The quality of our work and services was accepted globally in the name of our research publications. We published a significant number of research papers in the top most, impressive impact factor valued, highly indexed and peer reviewed journals. There are as follows:

  1. Chegondi V Narayana Rao*, Sindhu Chegondi, Murali Krishna Kota. Efficacy of 2D/3D HyCoSy with new contrast medium lignocaine and saline compared with HSG – A single center prospective study. Indian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research 2024; 11, (1), 58 – 65.

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  3. Rao CVN, Sindhu C, Kota Murail krishna. Three-dimensional Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography with Lignosal as Contrast for Evaluation of Tubal Patency in the Infertile Women – An Observational Cohort Study. Am J Sonogram 2019;2(4):1-8. Am J Sonogram 2019;2(4):1-8.
  4. Ramaraju G.A., Ravikrishna Cheemakurthi, Kavitha Prathigudupu, Kavitha Lakshmi Balabomma, Madan Kalagara, Sivanarayana Thota, Kota Murail krishna, Role of Lh polymorphisms and r-hLh supplementation in GnRh agonist treated ART cycles: A cross sectional study, European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology. 2018, 222, 119-125.
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