MASTER OF CLINICAL EMBRYOLOGY (A Self Support Specialized Program by Life Fertility and Research Centre and Andhra University)


Upon completion of the program, the student will be able

  1. To understand the concept of Gamete biology and the significance of physiological, Genetic, Environmental and Lifestyle factors affecting the fertility in males and females
  2. To understand the important concepts of introductory microbiology and its significance in ART laboratories with respect to cell culture techniques and methods of sterilization.
  3. To also understand the morphokinetic analysis of human spermatozoa and role of morphokinetic properties of oocytes in Infertility.
  4. To enrich the students with deep and proper understanding on ovarian hyperstimulation by Hormonal treatment with Pharmacological agents (recombinant hormones), gain the knowledge on the most critical stages of early form of life with micromanipulation systems in invtro.
  5. To educate the students about the importance of morphological quality and genetic health of embryos and blastocysts on their Endometrial implantation.
  6. To gain the knowledge on design aspects, IVF Laboratory instrumentation, QAQC and regulatory requirements as per ART registry laid for Level 1, Level2 Fertility establishments.
  7. To work as an Independent Embryologist, A multifaced personality with expertise in the areas of;
    A) As Technical Expert
    B) As Laboratory Manager
    C) As Researcher
    D) As Collobarator
    E) As a Scholar
    F) As Counsellor
    G) and As a Mentor.
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